Daisy Balloon

Hi Kate,

I thought I would try something different! AKA email style.

I am fascinated with Daisy Balloon at the mo! I think because it is almost wearable tech. If you consider balloons technology! I would love for them to be able to self inflate – quite like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang  but a dress! This could also prevent drowning, no? Imagine if you made it for children and it had a companion App so that when your child was running towards the pool you could auto inflate them if they fell into the pool….

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I am also super obsessed with some of the local Chelsea Galleries. 10th Ave has become my favourite weekend hang out. What would you do with these spore prints by Jim Toai?

2014-03-01 15.21.33 2014-03-01 15.21.40



Kenzo Collection

Kenzo’s Fall 14 collection inspired by David Lynch, was a mixture of turtlenecks, peplums and metallics…take a look! KEN_0384.450x675 KEN_0291.450x675 KEN_0265.450x675 KEN_0214.450x675 KEN_0121.450x675 KEN_0138.450x675 KEN_0014.450x675

Incredibly, Carol Lim and Humberto Leon were able to get Lynch to sign on as a collaborator for this season which is evident in the more surrealist looks. Lynchs’ film’s, characeristically known for their dream imagery and ability to leave an audience feeling somewhat disturbed and bewilder shone through in garments …like the crazy gold tool man jacket!

It makes me wonder how we would fare creating a collection inspired by an artist. I have Rene Margritte on my mind. Who would be chose as inspiration Billie? And could we translate his amazing art into some even more amazing fashion art! (some food for thought:)


JR Collaboration with NYC Ballet

JR and NYC Ballet photo (2)

photo (3)

Do you know who JR is?

If not, PLEASE watch this.

This changed my entire opinion about the purpose of art. I sent this to an ex boyfriend once and I knew things were not going to work out when he said he watched for 5 mins and then switched it off!!! No interest in JR is a deal breaker!!!

JR is collaborating with the New York City Ballet. Not only has he done an exceptional installation on the floor of the Lincoln Centre but also he is choreographing a ballet. It is one of the most interactive physical works of art I have ever participated in! Everyone wanted to fly on the ground, even the fat old ladies in their mink coats.

If we do an exhibition, what do you think about doing the whole thing on the ground of a warehouse? Maybe in Paris?

Keep it real banana peel.


Lack of Education!

Strangely, I basically did not know about Madonna until I met you Billie!! Nor have I seen seen either of the video’s until last week when you posted them here. I’ll pass that off to my ‘G’ rated upbringing and a serious lack of Madonna in my life until basically now (thanks for educating!)

Meanwhile, have you seen the Prada SS14 campaign?

… fitting as the Australian Open has just finished. 

And, take a look at this other delightful video, directed by Wes Anderson for Prada (one day soon, let’s make one) about the famous Italian race Millemiglia…pretty cool.

Fall 14 RTW is starting this week, excited?

Talk soon!



Male croquis will never cease to make us laugh!

Why is it so often that fashion is related to sex? We are encouraging them to put clothes on not take them off!

Gaultier definitely exemplifies the sexual tension in fashion. Does it have to be a battle of the sexes?




Confession; our conversation has been slow because of two things, CES in Las Vegas, a quick visit to The Playboy Mansion  (for real) and a return trip to Sydney.

To begin where we left off…

I think my Gaultier gluttony started as a little girl. I suffered from Madonna madness!

I used to improvise her golden bustier by Jean Paul Gaultier (uhhh DERRRR) through dissecting toilet rolls and making them into cones. Then I would spray paint my singlets and cones gold and dance around the house to “Like a Virgin”… Seems wrong doesn’t it?

Kate, you did the same right?

In Bed With Madonna was my favourite film.

(The best segment is right at the end)

Express Yourself was my favourite song.

I remember loving it because the costumes were masculine and feminine at the same time! Jean Paul Gaultier is a genius.

Tell me your thoughts?

Welcome to Brooklyn Jean Paul Gaultier

Welcome to Brooklyn Jean Paul Gaultier.

One of the most amazing exhibitions we have seen in past year, capturing a lifetime of an incredible designers work. Showcasing everything from sketches, photograhs and garments to holographic mermaids singing melancholy tunes, this body of work is not just inspirational but insightful and speaks to the designer in all of us. image

How festive is your holiday season?

2013-07-01 01.20.09

If you could rate your festiveness this holiday season, what would be the criteria?

And which image would you belong to?

Image 1 = Turkey turnover

Image 2 = Table decorations

Image 3 = Baby chicken

Image 4 = Lantern lady

Image 5 = Wreath wearer

Image 6 = Family festiveness

Our rating system is between 1-10:

1) Your willingness to dress for the occasion?

Kate = 2

Billie = 10

2) Your ability to eat your weight in food?

Kate = 10

Billie = 8

3) Your family friendly conversation?

Kate = 10

Billie = -20

New York is Magnetic

Lets begin the conversation…

Make me magnetic!

Cannot wait to have the other half of strong.HOUSE.style here in New York!

Would you have ever guessed that this dress is stretchy and almost rubbery in texture?
IvH Couture piece from the “Wilderness Embodied” collection: Magnetic Moon Dress by Iris van Herpen x Jolan van der Wiel is on display at the Wired Pop Up Store in the Meat Packing District. The Dutch fashion designer Iris Van Herpen collaborated with artist Jólan Van Der Wiel for a collection of magnetically grown couture. Working with iron filings and molten plastic to organically grow various shapes. Dresses whose very forms are generated by the phenomenon of attraction and repulsion. Appropriate for us, no?
It could be a bit schvitzy to run around New York in as it is 20 degrees at the moment.
Bring your swimsuit!
See you soon.
Magnetic feild dress

Everything Am – rik- can

And tonight we are re blogging, because Manrepeller has done it so well already.

Beyonce…and the new album that rocks our socks off…click through!